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  • BL2038-6L Dual MOSFETs
  • bl2038 6l dual mosfets

BL2038-6L Dual MOSFETs

N:3.7A, 20V, 0.8W, Dual MOSFETs P:-2.6A, -20V, 1.1W, Dual MOSFETs

Product Parameter of BL2038-6L Dual MOSFETs

AEC QualifiedNO
Pb FreeYES
Halide freeYES
Marketing StatusActive
Channel PolarityN P
TJ(°C) max.150
TJ(°C) min.-55
PD(W) Max.1.1
V(BR)DSS(V) Min.N: 20; P: -20
VGS(V) Max.±12
ID(A) Max.N: 4.5; P: -3.2
IGSS(uA) Max.±0.1
VGS(th)(V) Max.N: 1; P: -1
RDS(on)(mΩ)@ 10V Typ./
RDS(on)(mΩ)@ 10V Max./
RDS(on)(mΩ)@ 4.5V Typ.N: 23; P: 56
RDS(on)(mΩ)@ 4.5V Max.N: 35; P: 74
RDS(on)(mΩ)@ 2.5V Typ.N: 29; P: 77
RDS(on)(mΩ)@ 2.5V Max.N: 43; P: 110
RDS(on)(mΩ)@ 1.8V Typ.N: 51; P: 96
RDS(on)(mΩ)@ 1.8V Max.N: 75; P: 168

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