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HJL Electronics is a renowned manufacturer of SIDAC diodes, known for their exceptional quality and performance. The advantages offered by HJL's SIDAC diodes include:

1. High Switching Speed: HJL SIDAC diodes exhibit fast switching characteristics, enabling efficient and precise control in various electronic circuits and devices.

2. Robust and Reliable: These diodes are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long lifespan and uninterrupted operation.

3. Wide Voltage and Current Range: HJL SIDAC diodes come in various voltage and current ratings, catering to diverse application requirements.

4. Cost-Effective Solution: With competitive pricing without compromising on quality, HJL Electronics offers a cost-effective choice for incorporating SIDAC diodes into electronic designs.

Types of SIDAC Diode Components

Mobile Marketing Status Configuration VRRM(V) max. IF(A) max. VF (V) max IFSM(A) max. IR(uA) max. trr (ns) max TJ(°C) max. TJ(°C) min. ECCN(US) Compliance
BW150S Active 125 -55 EAR99
BW200S Active 125 -55 EAR99
K1050G Active 125 -55 EAR99
K110 Active 125 -55 EAR99
K1100G Active 125 -55 EAR99
K120 Active 125 -55 EAR99
K1200G Active 125 -55 EAR99
K130 Active 125 -55 EAR99
K1300G Active 125 -55 EAR99
K1400G Active 125 -55 EAR99
K1500G Active 125 -55 EAR99
K200 Active 125 -55 EAR99
K2000G Active 125 -55 EAR99
K220 Active 125 -55 EAR99
K2200G Active 125 -55 EAR99
K240 Active 125 -55 EAR99
K2400G Active 125 -55 EAR99
K2500G Active 125 -55 EAR99
K260 Active 125 -55 EAR99

FAQs about SIDAC Diode Components

  • SIDAC Applications

    SIDAC diodes find applications in a wide range of industries due to their versatility and dependability. One of the common uses is in gas discharge tubes, where SIDAC diodes provide voltage control and protection from voltage spikes. They are also utilized in power supply circuits to protect sensitive components, such as rectifiers and capacitors, by ensuring a constant voltage level.

  • Understanding the SIDAC Diode

    At its core, a SIDAC diode is a four-layer bistable switch device that exhibits a unique characteristic called the negative resistance region. This means that once a certain voltage is applied, the diode rapidly switches from a high-resistance off-state to a low-resistance on-state. This capability makes it ideal for various applications, including relaxation oscillators, power switches, and triggering devices. The flexibility and reliability of SIDAC diodes have made them an integral part of many modern electronic circuits.

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