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Electronic Components Used in Automotive Industry

The development of automobile is undergoing great changes. Today's world needs more energy-saving, efficient and intelligent automobile products. With the continuous upgrading of various functions of each new car, the automotive electronic components such as semiconductor devices in each car are increasing. Following the evolution of automotive technology, Galaxy microelectronics has made continuous progress in combination with its own advantageous semiconductor technology to provide competitive semiconductor devices.

Line moduleProduct classificationProduct model
Battery reverse connection protectionPower MOSFETsTBL080N06H / TBL220N10-5DL8 / TBL080N06H
Standard Recovery RectifiersTM7
DC/DCSchottky DiodesTSL13F /  TSL14F  / TSL24AF /  TSL26F TSL210F /
TSL34F  / TSL36F  / TSL510F
LED Dirver Power MOSFETsTBL080N06H /  TBL220N10-5DL8


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