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In today's digital era, where electronic devices have become an integral part of our lives, the need for robust protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) is paramount. ESD events can cause significant damage to sensitive electronic components, leading to malfunctions, reduced reliability, and even permanent failure. One remarkable solution in the world of ESD protection is the ESD protection diode.

ESD protection diodes, such as those developed by HJL Electronics, are highly specialized devices designed to absorb the potentially dangerous energy caused by ESD events. On this page, as a proficient diodes company, we will explore how these diodes function and their essential role in safeguarding electronic equipment.

Types of ESD Protection Diodes

Mobile Marketing Status Configuration VRRM(V) max. IF(A) max. VF (V) max IFSM(A) max. IR(uA) max. trr (ns) max TJ(°C) max. TJ(°C) min. ECCN(US) Compliance
7.0D2PAK22 Discontinued 10 175 -55 EAR99
BL0504H-6L Active 0.1 125 -55 EAR99
BL2804-S8 Active 0.05 125 -55 EAR99
BL36CL Active 0.1 125 -55 EAR99
BL7004S2-6L Active 0.2 125 -40 EAR99
BLC0524P Active 1 125 -55 EAR99
BLF05C Active 5 150 -55 EAR99
BLF15C Active 1 125 -55 EAR99
DLC03 Active 5 150 -55 EAR99
DLC03C Active 5 150 -55 EAR99
DLC03CW Active 3 5 150 -55 EAR99
DLC05 Active 5 5 150 -55 EAR99
DLC05-L Active 5.3 0.1 125 -55 EAR99
DLC05C Active 5 5 150 -55 EAR99
DLC05CW Active 5 5 150 -55 EAR99
DLC08C Active 8 2 150 -55 EAR99
DLC08CW Active 8 2 150 -55 EAR99
DLC12 Active 12 1 150 -55 EAR99
DLC12C Active 12 1 150 -55 EAR99
DLC12CW Active 12 1 150 -55 EAR99
DLC15C Active 15 1 150 -55 EAR99
DLC15CW Active 15 1 150 -55 EAR99
DLC18C Active 18 1 125 -55 EAR99
DLC24 Active 24 1 150 -55 EAR99
DLC24C Active 24 1 125 -55 EAR99
DLC24CW Active 24 1 150 -55 EAR99
DLC36C Active 36 1 150 -55 EAR99
DLC36CW Active 36 1 150 -55 EAR99
ESD08C Active 8 2 125 -55 EAR99
ESD12VDH Active 12 0.2 125 -55 EAR99

FAQs about ESD Protection Diodes

  • Prominent Applications and Benefits of ESD Protection Diodes

    Consumer Electronics: ESD protection diodes shield mobile phones, laptops, televisions, and other electronic gadgets from ESD events that may occur during daily use, normal handling, or plugging/unplugging peripherals.

    Industrial Equipment: In the industrial sector, ESD protection diodes help safeguard critical systems like programmable logic controllers (PLCs), robotics, and manufacturing equipment against ESD events that can reduce productivity and cause costly repairs.

    Automotive Electronics: With the increasing complexity of automotive electronics, ESD protection diodes play a vital role in preventing any potential damage caused by ESD events. They protect electronic control units (ECUs), sensors, and other automotive components from transient voltage spikes, ensuring reliable operation and safety.

  • How ESD Protection Diodes Safeguard Sensitive Electronics?

    ESD protection diodes work as bidirectional devices, meaning they effectively protect electronic components against both positive and negative voltage spikes caused by ESD events. These diodes are constructed using advanced semiconductor materials, allowing them to respond quickly to high-voltage transients.

    During an ESD event, when a significant voltage spike occurs, the ESD protection diode instantly activates, providing a low-resistance path to divert the excessive energy away from the sensitive component. By promptly diverting the energy away, the diode limits the voltage applied to the vulnerable electronic device, thus preventing any potential harm.

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