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By reducing the size and thickness of the IGBT and diode chips that comprise the Discrete package, the Discrete IGBT has been optimized. Comparing this to earlier models, power losses during inverter operation are decreased.

Types of IGBT Discrete

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GKU50N65ET Active 650 IGBT+Diode

FAQs about IGBT Discrete

  • What is an IGBT Discret Used for?

    IGBTs discret are frequently employed as switching elements in inverter circuits to drive small to large motors through DC-to-AC conversion. Industrial motors, automobiles, and residential appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators all employ IGBTs for inverter applications.

  • IGBT Discrete VS Module

    IGBT is often separated based on power size into discrete devices and modules. The discrete devices can be packaged with TO247, TO220f, etc., which typically comprise a single chip, also known as a single tube, and can be directly welded on the PCB. The igbt module has a comparatively high power.

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