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TPA diodes, or tapered amplifier diodes, are widely known for their capability to produce high-power optical signals with exceptional beam quality. Unlike conventional diodes, TPA diodes are designed with a tapered output section that enables efficient amplification of the optical signal. This unique design feature leads to high output power while maintaining excellent beam quality, making TPA diodes invaluable in various applications.

Types of TPA Tapered Amplifier Diodes

Mobile Marketing Status Configuration VRRM(V) max. IF(A) max. VF (V) max IFSM(A) max. IR(uA) max. trr (ns) max TJ(°C) max. TJ(°C) min. ECCN(US) Compliance
TPA100 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPA120 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPA130 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPA180 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPA200 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPA220 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPA240 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPA270 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPA62 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPA68 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPB100 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPB120 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPB130 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPB180 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPB200 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPB220 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPB240 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPB270 Active 125 -55 ECCN(US)
TPB62 Active 125 -55 EAR99
TPB68 Active 125 -55 EAR99

FAQs about TPA Tapered Amplifier Diodes

  • Applications and Advantages of TPA Tapered Amplifier Diodes in Various Industries

    TPA diodes find applications in a wide range of industries, thanks to their unique capabilities and exceptional performance. Some notable industries that benefit from TPA diodes include: 

    1. Communications: TPA diodes are crucial in optical communication systems, as they enable strong and reliable optical signals over long distances, improving overall network efficiency and stability.

    2. Healthcare: In medical imaging and laser therapy, TPA diodes provide high-power optical signals with excellent beam quality, aiding in accurate diagnosis and precise treatment procedures.

    3. Material Processing: TPA diodes find applications in various manufacturing processes, such as laser cutting, welding, and engraving, delivering the required power and precision for efficient material processing.

  • Features of HJL Electronics' TPA Tapered Amplifier Diodes

    HJL Electronics has been a trusted brand in the industry for its commitment to delivering top-of-the-line electronic components. Their TPA diodes stand out due to their advanced features and exceptional performance. Here are a few cutting-edge features of HJL Electronics' Tapered Amplifier Diodes: HJL Electronics' TPA diodes are capable of delivering significantly high optical output power, making them ideal for demanding applications where power plays a crucial role.

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