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An electronic device that, in theory, generates a fixed (constant) voltage regardless of the device's loading, power supply fluctuations, temperature changes, or the passage of time is known as a voltage reference.

Types of Voltage Reference IC

Mobile Marketing Status Configuration VRRM(V) max. IF(A) max. VF (V) max IFSM(A) max. IR(uA) max. trr (ns) max TJ(°C) max. TJ(°C) min. ECCN(US) Compliance
BL431-3L Active EAR99
BL431 (SOT-23) Active EAR99
BL431 (SOT-89) Active EAR99
BL431H Active EAR99
BL431H SOT-89 Active EAR99
BL431R Active EAR99
BL431RH Active EAR99
BL432 Active EAR99
BL432 SOT-89 Active EAR99

FAQs about Voltage Reference IC

  • What is Voltage Reference Why is it Needed

    One essential electronic part that acts as a steady voltage source is a voltage reference. It is a carefully specified, standardized voltage that is used to maintain and calibrate system accuracy. These are necessary in many other applications such as digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).

  • Voltage Reference VS Regulator

    The main distinction is that voltage regulators produce very tight line and load regulation—that is, minor changes in output voltage with huge changes in input voltage or load current—due to their output impedances being extremely close to zero ohms. There is no output impedance in a perfect voltage source.

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